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What is marketing communication? That doesn’t seem to have been covered in any modules that I’ve been taking so far, it seems… Well actually, Marketing Communication has been covered, albeit under the guise of a simpler term, which is out out of the ‘five Ps of marketing’ – Promotion.

All related media that are used in the message are considered part of marketing communications, which include advertising, branding, multimedia, marketing, packaging, publicity, public relations, and others. As we grow heavily reliant on the use of IT in this digital age, the effective use of multimedia is extremely crucial in engaging the interest of the audience. Deploying the right use of multimedia determines the success or failure of a marketing campaign for a company. Let’s take a quick view at how Sony & Nokia utilize multimedia to their benefit.

Upon entering Sony’s website, I was welcomed by Sony’s simple yet clean logo, which kinds of ‘pops’ out (not via a browser). Following which, Sony’s flash-based website loads. I navigate the pages and am instantly rewarded by rich and colorful pictures which is very attention-grabbing. The product catalog looks very professional and is extremely pleasing to the eye.

In contrast, Nokia’s website deployed a more straight-forward and traditional approach of multimedia. While Nokia had a very neat and clean layout, there was hardly any compelling and interesting multimedia.

If I were to choose buying a product based on my online experience, I’d probably be more inclined to buy a Sony product over Nokia. Simply put, I personally feel that Sony’s marketing communication is trendy and is able to attract the masses (and youth). Perhaps that is a reason why Nokia seems to be fading into the shadows of memory.