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Picture this.

Your neighbor leaves his front door open, and you help yourself to his fridge, resulting in getting arrested for trespassing and breaking-in in the process. Similarly, you can also be arrested if you tap onto your neighbor’s unrestricted wireless Internet access! If this news is shocking to you, you need to really take precautions and not freely access any unknown wireless connections.

In 2006, Garyl Tan Jia Luo (17 years old then) was charged for accessing his neighbor’s Internet connection. Who needs enemies when you got neighbors like this?

Perhaps we underestimate the severity of such harmless actions, but the law is in place for a good reason. In 2005, a 21 year old man illegally accessed several wireless networks to post bomb hoax on a local Internet forum, raising alarm and causing panic to the community. Needless to saw, the long arms of justice caught up with him, and he faces 180 years of jail time if convicted.

I’m certain that the above-mentioned man will repent on his actions, considering the long jail time that he has to serve. In your opinion, do you think that his sentencing is too severe, or would you give him a heavier punishment if you were the judge?