The Future is Now

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Message

According to Six Revisions, they are predicting the following possibilities that The Internet may be capable of in the near future.

1. Audio Web Surfing
Fancy navigating a web page on your mobile device without having to point, touch, or click? Control your web browsing experience entirely by giving voice commands to your device.

2. Surf the Web on any Device
While it may sound ludicrous to have a display screen on your chopping board, this may be possible. In fact it seems possible to have a touch screen on virtually any device that you may have at home. The only question that stands is: Would you want a display screen for web surfing on every device that you own? Isn’t it a bit of an overkill?

3. Futuristic Input
Remember the TED video that was screened during last week’s lesson? That seems to be coming our way soon; it’s no longer just in Star Trek or other futuristic movies.

4. Mobile Networking
Move aside, Social Networking. Enter Mobile Networking. With a powerful in-built bluetooth, users can now interact with other mobile phone users (nearby). This opens a lot of possibilities for networking.

5. The End of .com Domination
New URL extensions which allow for more creativity. would probably go down in history as the pioneer, but this isn’t exactly ground-breaking.

6. Internet Explorer 6 stops being used
Rejoice for Microsoft! If they could, they’d definitely hope that IE6 stops working altogether.

Well, that is Six Revision’s predictions for the future. As for me, what I’d like to know is what is the future of attitudes held by Internet users. I have observed a worrying pattern – Internet users have little tolerance towards other users, and are very likely to to engage in undesirable behaviors like flaming and trolling.

As The Internet becomes increasingly integrated into our lives, I’m concerned with the education on The Internet (or the lack off, rather). I hope that Internet Ethics is a subject that schools will be educating the youth on. Do you think that educating the youth on behaving well on The Internet is important as well?


Six Revisions


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