New-Age Business Strategies

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Advertisements
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Hey there,

Check out these new products (they might really interest you)!

Chances are, you would have probably seen similar ads like this on Facebook, at the corner of a page.

Gone are the days of salesmen trying to promote new products on the streets of Orchard Road. As with technology, businesses have evolved over time, bringing newer and innovative ways of advertising. While I usually ignore advertisements on Facebook, there have been a few that have caught my attention. There is no doubt that Facebook has a generally effective scripting algorithm to display advertisements which appeal to users’ interests.

Besides merely just going ‘online’ and allowing shoppers to shop online, many businesses have invested in Social Networking (SN) websites in order to gain an edge over their competitors. These days, the SN service, Facebook, is truly becoming an indispensable utility; I can’t imagine how many people will feel aimless if Facebook were to shut down.

I’m certain that many business owners have also noticed this trend, and thus are directing a considerable amount of resource into advertising on SN services. Granted that users actually pay attention to the ads, such companies may indeed find advertising on SN very helpful. Now, if Facebook is able to find a non-intrusive yet attention-grabbing way of displaying advertisements, its advertising potential will be limitless.

Male Waxing? Nikon, I can understand; I listed Photography as an interest. But Brazilian waxing??? Some fine-tuning needed!

What do you think of the effectiveness of Facebook’s advertisements? Has any of them intrigued you, or are they just a nuisance that you usually ignore?


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