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According to Six Revisions, they are predicting the following possibilities that The Internet may be capable of in the near future.

1. Audio Web Surfing
Fancy navigating a web page on your mobile device without having to point, touch, or click? Control your web browsing experience entirely by giving voice commands to your device.

2. Surf the Web on any Device
While it may sound ludicrous to have a display screen on your chopping board, this may be possible. In fact it seems possible to have a touch screen on virtually any device that you may have at home. The only question that stands is: Would you want a display screen for web surfing on every device that you own? Isn’t it a bit of an overkill?

3. Futuristic Input
Remember the TED video that was screened during last week’s lesson? That seems to be coming our way soon; it’s no longer just in Star Trek or other futuristic movies.

4. Mobile Networking
Move aside, Social Networking. Enter Mobile Networking. With a powerful in-built bluetooth, users can now interact with other mobile phone users (nearby). This opens a lot of possibilities for networking.

5. The End of .com Domination
New URL extensions which allow for more creativity. would probably go down in history as the pioneer, but this isn’t exactly ground-breaking.

6. Internet Explorer 6 stops being used
Rejoice for Microsoft! If they could, they’d definitely hope that IE6 stops working altogether.

Well, that is Six Revision’s predictions for the future. As for me, what I’d like to know is what is the future of attitudes held by Internet users. I have observed a worrying pattern – Internet users have little tolerance towards other users, and are very likely to to engage in undesirable behaviors like flaming and trolling.

As The Internet becomes increasingly integrated into our lives, I’m concerned with the education on The Internet (or the lack off, rather). I hope that Internet Ethics is a subject that schools will be educating the youth on. Do you think that educating the youth on behaving well on The Internet is important as well?


Six Revisions


You don’t need to have state-of-the-art video equipment to make a great video. This video was made by a Japanese student as part of his final thesis project in 2010.

As you can see, this info-graphic video was created without the use of a video camera. This shows that there are many ways of creating multimedia content. What is really needed is a creative mind and some technical skills.

On top of Japan’s issues that have been highlighted in the video, they are now plagued with a potential nuclear meltdown. Apparently the situation is becoming increasingly critical; I don’t know what exactly will happen in the days to come, but I certainly hope that Japan does not suffer the fate of Chernobyl. In case you don’t know the severity of the Chernobyl accident, here’s a very graphic video which highlights the devastation which has plagued Chernobyl for the past 25 years.

Even today, it is still not safe to live in the affected areas around Chernobyl.

Whatever happens, I hope that Japan does not suffer the same fate as Chernobyl.


Christopher de Souza (Member of Parliament) and Lim Swee Say (Cabinet Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress) pose for a picture with the children of residents living in Holland-Bukit Timah GRC.

Yesterday, the residents of Holland-Bukit Timah GRC celebrated the PAP Community Foundation’s 25th Anniversary and were treated to a carnival at the Senja-Cashew Community Centre. As I stood alongside with RazorTV’s journalist, Sara Ann K, and several other journalists from the local press, I found it relatively novel to cover this event side by side with the official press. I am but an ordinary citizen, a full-time student; I am neither a journalist nor a press photography.

This is but one of many instances whereby ordinary citizens of Singapore are finding themselves in a position to deliver print-worthy photographs, or even event coverages, which is made possible by the technological advances in today’s digital age. Cameras have become very affordable these days, and with the emergence of local forums and online web portals such as Hardwarezone and, it really isn’t difficult to get started on Citizen Journalism.

Many netizens are now turning to such unofficial portals to subscribe to an alternative view of local and current affairs, partly because it is a known yet unspoken fact that the press are usually inclined to favor certain political parties. Bearing this in mind, citizen journalists can actually wield considerable influence on the society, and this power should be used responsibly. In any case, I doubt that anyone can actually get away with spreading dissent with the local government here in Singapore. The arms of justice [ISD] are long and it’s reach is far; much further than what most of us can run from. What do you think?

If every person in Singapore were to donate $1 to a politician’s cause, he would be able to raise S$6 million a day.

If that politician was to utilize the Internet to raise funds, he could easily raise a considerable amount, from each willing donor who only had to donate a small sum of money. That was how Barack Obama raised US$1 million a day for the month of January in 2008. If Barack Obama targeted the rich to donate, he could secure larger sums of money from individual donors, but these funds might still pale in contrast when compared to the large community who donated small sums each. And so they say, little drops of water, makes a mighty ocean.

As the Internet is highly interactive and is able to reach out to a large audience, its potential seems limitless. Barack Obama realized this, and tapped the potential to his benefit, raising US$30 million within a month for his presidential campaign. While its potential seems limitless, it certainly is not a miracle worker.

To win the support of votes from the people, a politician cannot expect to conduct his entire campaign behind a webcam and expect the people to put their trust in him. A politician who has a sharp and sound mind knows that he has to ‘meet the people’ to allay their fears and to win their trust and support. The difference in his effectiveness is knowing when to utilize the Internet to amplify the efficiency of his campaign.

For the first time in Singapore’s history, political parties will be allowed to use Twitter and Facebook to promote for their campaigning. I wonder how this will change the face of local politics. What do you think?

What is marketing communication? That doesn’t seem to have been covered in any modules that I’ve been taking so far, it seems… Well actually, Marketing Communication has been covered, albeit under the guise of a simpler term, which is out out of the ‘five Ps of marketing’ – Promotion.

All related media that are used in the message are considered part of marketing communications, which include advertising, branding, multimedia, marketing, packaging, publicity, public relations, and others. As we grow heavily reliant on the use of IT in this digital age, the effective use of multimedia is extremely crucial in engaging the interest of the audience. Deploying the right use of multimedia determines the success or failure of a marketing campaign for a company. Let’s take a quick view at how Sony & Nokia utilize multimedia to their benefit.

Upon entering Sony’s website, I was welcomed by Sony’s simple yet clean logo, which kinds of ‘pops’ out (not via a browser). Following which, Sony’s flash-based website loads. I navigate the pages and am instantly rewarded by rich and colorful pictures which is very attention-grabbing. The product catalog looks very professional and is extremely pleasing to the eye.

In contrast, Nokia’s website deployed a more straight-forward and traditional approach of multimedia. While Nokia had a very neat and clean layout, there was hardly any compelling and interesting multimedia.

If I were to choose buying a product based on my online experience, I’d probably be more inclined to buy a Sony product over Nokia. Simply put, I personally feel that Sony’s marketing communication is trendy and is able to attract the masses (and youth). Perhaps that is a reason why Nokia seems to be fading into the shadows of memory.

Picture this.

Your neighbor leaves his front door open, and you help yourself to his fridge, resulting in getting arrested for trespassing and breaking-in in the process. Similarly, you can also be arrested if you tap onto your neighbor’s unrestricted wireless Internet access! If this news is shocking to you, you need to really take precautions and not freely access any unknown wireless connections.

In 2006, Garyl Tan Jia Luo (17 years old then) was charged for accessing his neighbor’s Internet connection. Who needs enemies when you got neighbors like this?

Perhaps we underestimate the severity of such harmless actions, but the law is in place for a good reason. In 2005, a 21 year old man illegally accessed several wireless networks to post bomb hoax on a local Internet forum, raising alarm and causing panic to the community. Needless to saw, the long arms of justice caught up with him, and he faces 180 years of jail time if convicted.

I’m certain that the above-mentioned man will repent on his actions, considering the long jail time that he has to serve. In your opinion, do you think that his sentencing is too severe, or would you give him a heavier punishment if you were the judge?


How I keep up with Groupons

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Finally managed to upload my video! It seems that WordPress came under attack from Chinese hackers over the weekend.